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Top 5 Scariest iPhone Apps for Halloween

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The App Store is rife with Halloween-themed apps this year, and deciding which ones are worth your time can be tricky. We’ve loaded up a bunch of these little Halloween treats, and we run them down below. Why not try a few and scare up some fun on your iPhone this Halloween?

1. ZombieBooth 3D

Price: $0.99 ZombieBooth:

Bottom Line: Best App To Zombify Yourself

Need an app to turn your friends or yourself into a zombie? Look no further. ZombieBooth 3D is probably the best app to turn your friends into a full fledged flesh eating undead. It is all very simple, just crop an image of a person’s face and tap the “choose” button. The image will automatically turn into a 3D interactive zombie in seconds. No need to manually position zombie facial characteristics like other less advanced zombie photo apps.

The zombie you create with ZombieBooth 3D app is interactive. The head will move as you touch the screen. Your zombie in the iPhone or iPod Touch will even bite you if your fingers stay on the screen for too long. You can also touch the “accessory” button to add head gears such as hats, pumpkins, and even mummy headbands. In addition, you can easily save your zombified photos or videos to facebook or twitter for everyone to enjoy!

2. Zombie Clock

Price:Free Zombie

Bottom line: Wake Up, Halloween-Style

I use my iPod as an alarm clock. So this week, I’ve decided to wake up to the sound of undead hunger with Zombie Clock. This app begins with a neat visual: the clock itself is sort of rising out of the black ground on a dark and stormy night. The alarm features a hungry undead rising from the grave to a shock of scary music and a chorus of hungry groans. There’s multiple zombies and multiple tones, played at random.

The only problem with this app is that it has no background ability. Unlike the standard iOS alarm, you need to keep this app open for the thing to work. Still, it’s a creepy little novelty app that will keep you in the Halloween mood all week.

3. Crazy Skeleton

Price:Free for Halloween Crazy

Bottom Line: Silly Fun

This is one of those talking character entertainment apps. This time, it’s a goofy bag of bones with the voice of a court jester. When you shake your device, he rattles around and then does or says something funny, like “Ooh! I feel sick … I’d throw up, but I don’t have a stomach!” There’s more than a few of these (the developers say there are 18), each one short, non-offensive, and definitely more appealing to children than to adults. In fact, this app has become the favorite of my two kids in the last week or so. If you’ve got young ones who like to play with your iOS device (or who have their own), you might want to treat them to this app.

4. Fright Factory

Price: $1.99 Fright

Bottom Line: Fine sound board with a few minor extras

Fright Factory wants to be more than a sound board  … but it’s not much more than a sound board. The sound board itself isn’t terrible; the number of sounds is limited, though, and they just repeat every couple seconds. Hooked up to proper speakers, it could certainly help you create some haunted ambiance.

As for the other stuff, there’s not much here. There’s a “strobe light” which is, you guessed it, the screen flickering from white to black; it’s not terribly useful, and it will drain your battery if you use it a lot. There’s also the “Illusion Scare,” a one-time gag that you can pull on friends but which you’ll then never use once you’ve gotten everyone with it once. All in all, Fright Factory is okay if you want a haunted sound board, but don’t expect much else from it.

5. I-Scare (Scare Your Friends!)

Price: $0.99 i-Scare

Bottom Line: Great Trick

I-scare is the app expression of the old Internet scarce joke . You know, the one where you tell a friend to look at a picture, only after a few seconds it screams at them? Yeah, that one. This one has the benefit of letting you use your own pictures, and to set the timing of the scare to, amongst other things, touch — so, for example, you can ask someone to look at pictures of your kids, and when they swipe to go to the next picture, the phone screams at them. [Just don't blame the devs when they drop your phone.] Like any app of this kind, its usability is limited; you’re going to use this once on every friend you have, and then they’re never going to fall for it again. But the level of customization makes this a worthwhile scare.

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