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Top 5 Best Free SMS Apps for Android

The best part about today’s smartphones is their support of 3rd party developer applications. Usually people outside the organization come up with the most creative ideas which consumers can really use. One mobile OS that supports 3rd party apps is Android.

If you are the proud owner of an Android smartphone, then I have got some great news for you. Below you will find my list of 5 great Android apps which you should definitely give a try. They are all related to text and / or instant messaging. See which app suits you best.

(* All these applications can be found by searching their name on the Android Marketplace which you can access from your phone.)

1. Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is a wonderful Android that facilitates messaging to your friends. In addition to receiving text messages, it helps you send and receive picture plus video messages. You can even open your received files from within the app. Other notable features of Nimbuzz include Chat history, Screen notifications, Contacts search, Groups management, and Quick Scroll.

2. Google Voice

The Android app of Google Voice assigns a personal phone number to the user. You can use this number to make calls or send SMS text messages from the web. Your voice mails and text messages are archived by the Google Voice service online. This way you never lose your conversations.

3. TextPlus

TextPlus lets you send free text messages to any number. The recipients can easily reply if they have TextPlus; otherwise they simply send their reply to a short code at the end of your message (this way you get the response on your TextPlus app). The app also lets you text multiple simultaneously.

4. chompSMS

chomepSMS is a great text messaging app that includes a plethora of great features include contact picture thumbnails, time stamps on messages while showing them in a sequence, setting specific ringtones for contacts, and blacklisting certain numbers.

5. Handcent

Handcent is an app that gives you control over the style messages are shown. Moreover it includes many other customization options and different ringtones, languages, and font styles.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Free SMS Apps for Android

  1. Check Free SMS (RefineAndroid):
    - worldwide;
    - several providers (a huge number of countries and carriers/operators);
    - with replies (for USA/Canada);
    - it’s free for the SMS recipient. Some providers do charge for receiving SMS if the recipient sends a confirmation SMS;
    - history (removable).

    Providers add minor ad block at the end of SMS messages.

  2. i loved Handcent cuase i could really personalize it, but sometimes it doesnt let me send msgs i wish they would fix that issue

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