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Top 5 Best Coffee Apps

Here is a list of some of our favorite coffee apps for the iPhone to keep you going through September.

CoffeeSpot Pro by Clever Twist:$1.99 or Free Lite version
CoffeeSpot by Clever Twist is perfect if you’re in a new area and need to get your caffeine fix. Just launch the app, allow it to use your current location, and you’re given a list of nearby coffee shops. In the settings menu you can manually set a different location, change the search distance, filter your results by specific store chains, or add one of your local favorites to their database. After you search and select a coffee shop, you get it’s address, phone number, and distance. You can view this location on the map, call the store, add it to your favorites to remember for later, or invite a friend by email.
I would try out the lite version first to make sure it’s working in your area, then download the full app for $1.99

AroundMe by TweakerSoft: Free
AroundMe by TweakerSoft has been around for a while and is another great way, surprise surprise, to find what’s around you. It’s not limited to just coffee. A nice set of searchable categories include banks/atms, bars, coffee, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, supermarkets. You can also do a custom search. An unobtrusive ad bar keeps AroundMe free.
If you’re not using it already, definitely download it for free.

Aroma Coffee by Celestial Digital Entertainment: $0.99
If every time you enter a coffee shop you begin to think, “Wow it’s so relaxing in here, I wish I owned a coffee shop,” you may want to check out Aroma Coffee by Celestial Digital Entertainment. In this time management game you must hurry to meet your customers’ orders, earn money, and expand your coffee enterprise. Compete on openFeint for top scores. You may be convinced that running a coffee shop is not the most relaxing job.
Download Aroma Coffee for $0.99

myStarbucks by Starbucks: Free
myStarbucks is a required mention for this list. It has a filterable Starbucks locator that is quite handy. You can filter if the store is open, has a wireless hotspot, drive-through, oven-warmed food, and a few other Starbucks amenities. You can also browse the menu to find exactly what you’re looking for, and learn about the different Starbucks’ different coffee blends. Pick up some (possibly) unfortunate nutritional information on both drinks and food while you’re at it. With myStarbucks you can save a favorite drink, coffee blend, food, and store. Also keep track of your friends favorite drinks if you’re ordering for them. Finally a job search function can help you find out what corporate and barista jobs are available at Starbucks. This app has everything everything Starbucks you could possible need.
Download myStarbucks for free.

The Latte Factor Calculator by FinishReach Media: Free
David Bach’s term: Latte Factor, refers to all the small unnecessary purchases we make. While you may argue the necessity of your coffee purchases, there’s no denying that the amount we spend on these little things can really add up. The Latte Factor Calculator helps you keep track of what you’re spending on these small purchases, and what kind of money you could make if you were investing it instead. I happen to enjoy the in the moment satisfaction of sipping my $4 latte, but it’s definitely an experiment worth doing to find out exactly how much you’re spending.
Download the Latte Factor Calculator for free.

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  1. Er. This is an odd list. Best coffee apps are as follows:

    1. Intelligentsia
    2. Intelligentsia
    3. Intelligentsia
    4. San Francisco’s best coffee (if you are in SF)
    5. London’s best coffee (if you are in London)
    6. Has Bean

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